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Beautiful retaining walls

Vertical hardscapes such as retaining walls help in creating the desired grade or flat areas we desire for most all of our living spaces.


Whether it is to retain a steep bank area along your driveway, raise or lower a level area to build upon, or to create a statement or focal point within the landscape, retaining walls in one form or another are the backbone to most landscapes. We can create segmental wall blocks, natural stone or large boulders, pillars, fire pits, and fire places.


Along with its functional, creative & artistic presentation, it also is a personal liability for this vertical installation to be safe, and just as beautiful as the day it was installed.  This is something we at Mangin's Landscaping take very seriously.


All surfaces including vehicle or cosmetic purposes, block, stone or wood, they are all affected by the weather and seasonal freeze and thaw cycles. Good drainage and footing installation under your new installation is essential for its appearance and longevity.  These kind of professional details are all standard and included with all of our hardscape installations.


If utilities such as lighting, water or electric are needed at of around your project area, you will also have these within your quote as well. You can rest assured that your landscape contracting experience will be a good one with Mangin's Landscaping!

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