Retaining Walls

Safety and water control with beautiful design

  • Embankments

  • Pillars

  • Sit Walls

  • Fireplaces and Fire Pits

  • Lighting, Water, and Electrical

Retaining Walls

Vertical hardscapes such as retaining walls help create the desired grade or flat areas we desire for our outdoor living spaces in hilly Southwestern PA.

From retaining steep embankments along a driveway, raising or lowering an area to build upon, or creating a statement or focal point within the landscape, retaining walls in some form are the backbone to most Landscapes. We work with segmented wall blocks, natural stone, and large boulders to create the desired look.

Along with its functional, creative, and artistic presentation, it is also personal liability for any vertical installation to be safe and just as beautiful as the day it was installed. All surfaces are affected by the weather and seasonal freeze and thaw cycles. Good drainage and footing installation underneath your new installation is essential for its appearance and longevity. These professional details are all standard and included with all of our Hardscape Installations.

We also offer lighting, water, and electrical services as part of our service quotes.

"Creating Beautiful Outdoor Living Spaces - One Oasis at a Time"

Mangin's Landscaping

Creating Beautiful Outdoor Spaces - One Oasis at a Time