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Water gardens, waterfalls, and water features have been featured in public and private gardens since ancient Persian and Chinese gardens. Water has an immense attraction to all people, satisfying our senses with the sounds that only water can make. For centuries people have enjoyed the beauty of fountains and water gardens in their public squares as well as their private estates. Still today water gardens create an excellent natural focal point, whether located in the home garden, shopping mall, or office building.

Like an Oasis, your water garden is a living ecosystem. Each water garden designed and constructed is a custom Mangin’s Landscaping design, planned around the customer’s specific desires and unique outdoor living space. While one gardener may wish to have a tropical garden with exotic lotus flowers and a waterfall, another may be dreaming of relaxing next to a babbling brook that empties into a gentle pond of colorful goldfish and koi. 

The sky is the limit when it comes to designing the shape and appearance of your water garden. Your water feature will be an eye-catching addition to your outdoor oasis. 

"Creating Beautiful Outdoor Living Spaces - One Oasis at a Time"

Mangin's Landscaping

Creating Beautiful Outdoor Spaces - One Oasis at a Time